Why Braces?


Studies show that one of the first things people notice about you is your smile. For most people, a spectacular smile is a wonderful asset and the most obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment. It contributes to enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image – important qualities at every age. In this area, orthodontic treatment can benefit social and career success as well improve a person's general attitude toward life. A smile is also a universally acceptable sign of health and beauty. With today's high technology and treatment options of materials, a smile of your dreams is easily achieved with efficiency and comfort.

In addition to esthetics, our teeth serve many other functions. When teeth aren't straight and your bite isn't right, health, function and esthetics are compromised. A smile that is well aligned is healthy. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean from harmful plaque that causes decay, bad breath and gum disease. Well aligned teeth, in combination with proper positioning of the temporomandibular joints and musculature, provide optimum function. When the teeth bite properly, tooth wear is greatly reduced and the jaw joints are allowed to function with less stress and greater comfort. Health of the chewing muscles and the temporomandibular joints is also a long term benefit if treatment is properly done.