“In my opinion, there is a shift or balance that occurs when you make a positive connection with one another. This is the best way I can explain my encounter with Drs. Brian and Nile Scott and their team. They are an extremely cohesive, dedicated and competent group of professionals. Their confidence spills over to the patient and I am grateful for their experience and care. When investing in your health, smile and well-being, I strongly suggest placing your orthodontic care with Drs. Brian and Nile Scott. I am very happy that I did.”

– Kaye Rocheleau

"I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Nile Scott my entire professional career. He is my mentor and friend, and I have the highest respect for him professionally and personally. There is no finer orthodontist in Colorado than Dr. Scott, and I am so thankful to have the privilege of working with him! His ability to diagnose and treat simple and complex orthodontic needs raises the bar for the orthodontic profession. He prides himself on treating patients' orthodontic needs based on the relationship of the skeletal system (TMJ) to the teeth, and is FANTASTIC at this! Dr. Scott has been tackling very challenging cases with me, with the kind of professionalism that comes from his legacy in orthodontics. His outstanding diagnostic and technical abilities make it a joy to work with him.

I am so excited to be working with Dr. Brian Scott! Dr. Brian's rigorous education in orthodontics, coupled with his lifetime exposure to perfection in orthodontics, elevates his ability to treat every type of patient in the most predictable, technologically savvy way. I have the highest respect for Dr. Brian as my colleague and friend. I am so thankful Dr. Brian practices in Pueblo and has brought his very high expectations and abilities with him."

– Jamie L. Johnson, DDS

“Upon learning that our son would need orthodontic treatment, we met with several orthodontists to find one we felt should take care of his needs. After our meeting with Dr. Scott and his staff, we knew immediately he was the right and only choice.

The overall atmosphere of the office was welcoming and professional. Dr. Scott and his staff took time to show us around the office and explain how each stage of our son’s treatment would be handled. Dr. Scott not only explained to us how he would treat our son, but made a point to explain to him exactly what he could expect. Whenever we had questions regarding the process, they were answered professionally and kindly. The end result for our son is an amazing smile coupled with self-esteem that is priceless.

When the need for our daughter to have orthodontic care arose, we did not hesitate to contact Dr. Scott once again. We were treated with the same respect, professionalism and care that we had been given during our son’s treatment. Along with benefiting from Dr. Scott’s knowledge, our daughter is also fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Scott’s son, Dr. Brian. Unlike our son, our daughter needed a more extensive treatment and each step of the way Dr. Scott’s office has treated her with compassion and understanding. Our daughter is nearing the end of her treatment and her experience has been positive. We look forward to seeing her beautiful smile and have enjoyed being associated with Dr. Scott and his staff.”

– Marina and Scott Jones

“The genuine level of personal care and professional results provided by Dr. Scott and each member of the staff was and continues to be excellent.”

– Michael Cafasso

“Hi, my name is Ron Parker. I am the father of six children, five of whom are patients of Drs. Nile and Brian Scott. My family dentist, Dr. Kyle Schulz, recommended Dr. Scott when my oldest son, Jordon, needed orthodontic work. Upon my first visit with Dr. Nile Scott ten years ago, he informed me that I was to call him “Bud”. This was hard for me, being of a military background and all, not to give the respect due to a person who has earned his title and reputation, but Dr. Scott insisted on Bud.

This was just the icebreaker I needed to discuss the treatment of Jordon. It has gotten easier with every child that has needed treatment, including with Dr. Brian, who did the treatment plans of my last two children. They have always given me options with treatment and have never tried to demand that I do one that I was not comfortable with. I respect that immensely.

I asked my son, Liam, why he liked Dr. Nile and Dr. Brian and he said, “It’s the atmosphere”. Well, I have to agree. The office is so professional and easy going that you feel right at home. I mean watching the Olympics and explaining curling to Whitney and Jo was just great. They were so interested in it. I think they just pacified me is all! But seriously, they take pride in knowing all their patients and families. They handle all billing and scheduling problems with the utmost professionalism. They are the best!

I would like everyone to know what a terrific tech staff they have. My children, like most, have had accidents and their braces have been damaged. When this has happened the staff scheduled them in immediately, even if that meant the weekend or a holiday. They cared and wanted to make sure my children were not in discomfort for any length of time.

The last thing I wish to say is that when our insurance changed, I found out that Dr. Nile and Dr. Brian were not listed in our network as providers. I did not care. I told our new insurance company that I would not switch to another orthodontist and they told me I would not get the same rates. To me, it did not matter and I felt I would deal with the benefits later. As it turned out, Debby C. called the insurance company and everything worked out great. Thank you so very much.

I feel that the office of Dr. Nile and Dr. Brian is an extension of my own home and I would truly recommend them to anyone who asks. They are a great benefit to the city and community of Pueblo.”

– Ron Parker

"As a dental hygienist I have the privilege of working with dental patients. I feel Pueblo is so fortunate to have Dr. Nile and Dr. Brian as a part of this community. Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. The confidence I have in them is not only based on my personal experience where I see the wonderful results in the mirror every day, but also by the results I see in the patients they have treated. When I refer patients to their office, I am confident they will be receiving the best orthodontic care, and that their needs will be met. My greatest pleasure is also seeing the level of confidence their patients walk out with after treatment."

– Dana Lacey, RDH